"Sit behind the steering wheel" and try the BESIP app! 

Half of us still remember the times when everyone in the street knew that the neighboring family had bought a new car. When I look out of the window at my neighbors today, I see three of them in front of their house. Yes, each member of this family of three has their own! The economic and social conditions of families are changing. People use cars every day to get to work, to shop in supermarkets, but also to transport children to school and afternoon activities. Terms such as "weekend driver" or "woman behind the wheel" are completely obsolete and have disappeared entirely from our vocabulary. 

Cars no longer serve just a representative function, but also fulfill a purpose; their equipment is more sophisticated – they "get" new airbags, brake boosters, even obstacle recognition ...

Result: increased traffic on streets and roads

But! Other factors affecting road traffic have not changed! 
They did not make any (or sufficient) progress!

  • The pace of building domestic transport infrastructure is slow. Czech roads: often unsatisfactory, often lacking barriers, lined with deep ditches, with insufficient markings ...
  • The others (and the most vulnerable) did not change either. What is in my mind is, of course, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Even the weather is still the same: fogs resemble the opaque "milk" of 50 years ago, and when it rains, it is the same as it used to be.

Result: increased road accidents

More and more institutions are involved in eliminating accidents.  

The main coordinating body for road safety in the Czech Republic is BESIP (a road safety organization) – as a separate department of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic 

Using BESIP's groundbreaking app, today you can test how important it is to wear suitable clothing for the most vulnerable participants in road traffic – pedestrians and cyclists.

You can sit down and try it!