Road safety has already been written about a lot. Road accidents, however, seem to have ignored all these efforts. We still meet pedestrians and cyclists who are in the shadows, risking their health

Using reflective elements ensures your road traffic visibility quickly and easily!

The autumn comes, and with it an increased number of accidents caused by poor visibility. At the same time, the safety of your loved ones can be increased many times over. Simply attach reflective tape or reflective bars to your bicycle, or attach a reflective pendant to your child's backpack, all in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Reflective bands

One of the possible solutions is  reflective tapes. It's easy to put them on in just one second, or to remove and store the reflective tape. They are produced in several colors and in various designs: self-clamping, flashing, or on Velcro.

Reflexní páskyReflexní páskyReflexní pásky

The advantage of self-clamping (winding) reflective tapes is their quick and easy use. These reflective tapes wrap themselves around the hand, legs, around the frame of a bike, a baby carriage, handbags, etc.

If you do not like the idea, you can use Velcro tape. We also supply them as flashing reflective tapes that additionally flash with a red light outside the reflective layers or as an XXL reflective tape, which differs from others in its larger dimensions and therefore a larger reflective surface (width of 4.5 cm and length of 43 cm).

Reflective ribbons for rims, reflective bicycle spokes

Reflexní proužky na ráfkyReflctive ribbons are glued to the rim of the wheel, but you can also apply them to the back of the saddle, a helmet, or the frame. They are made of high-quality 3M material, which ensures high visibility over long distances.

Reflective bicycle spokeskolo are another element that increases the safety of cyclists in road traffic. Reflective spokes can easily be attached to the wheel spokes, where they adhere very tightly. In low visibility, light reflects up to 200 m!

Reflexní přívěšky

Reflective pendants are a quick and easy way to make your children visible on the road. Additionally, your kids will like the pendants. Put them on a briefcase, a backpack, or a jacket to make them visible.

​ Reflexní přívěšky​ Reflexní přívěšky​ Reflexní přívěšky

​And the conclusion?

In the previous few lines, we have shown that increasing safety in road traffic is not rocket science and does not require more than a few minutes of your time. As additional means of increasing safety, we can recommend, for example, adults or children's reflective vests. Owners of pets might be interested in, for example, a reflective vest for dog and reflective collars. Do not underestimate road safety – the health and well-being of your loved ones is worth it!