All working dog owners experience bad times. Morning and evening walks take place in the dark. The weather is misty, foggy, and moody. The owner and his dog are barely visible. Few are lucky enough to have a meadow just behind their house. Usually, it is necessary to walk somewhere. And here we are at the core of the problem – our poor visibility. Hold on, dog owners, it'll be better in the spring!

In the meantime, the reflective aids we make will help.

Do you have a friend who also walks his dog every day? Check out our gift package; maybe you'll make him happy!

The package includes eight reflective elements
a reflective vest for dogs up to 30 kg
or a reflective vest for dogs up to 15 kg
a reflective dog leash – 50 cm long
a reflective key fob 
a reflective flashing Velcro tape
a zip fob – star
a reflective sticker – smiley
a reflective sticker – dog

Vánoční balíček bezpečnosti  PRO PEJSKY A JEJICH DOPROVODReflexní obojky  pro psy