BESIP – specials

  • Over the past 15 years, during this period of the year, nearly 1200 people have died on the roads. Mostly because the drivers did not see them in time.
  • The time is coming up – over the coming weekend, it will start to turn dark sooner.
  • BESIP has therefore launched a campaign that teaches pedestrians and cyclists how to be seen. Also, a new law will make reflective elements obligatory.

An examples of poor street visibility is shown in the TV shot. The sample shows differences in the visibility of different colors (50-100 meters) compared to the 200-meter visibility of reflective elements.

At the same time, the most risky places are marked crossings. Even here, a pedestrian who is not equipped with reflective elements is not more visible, and yet he feels more secure when crossing.

The use of reflective elements is popularized by personalities such as the Czech playwright, screenwriter, actor, and author Zdeněk Svěrák, or the Transport Minister, Ing. Dan Ťok.